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Automatic constant pressure water treatment device

This device makes purification and sterilization treatment to water and improves it to potable standard. The multi-pump configuration ensures the supply requirement with one or more pump being controlled by variable speed and intelligent control. The water flow and pressure is easily adjustable as required.


A. Energy saving: numbers of pump operation is automatically optimized by control system in line with water requirement. No surplus operating pump.

B. Auto start and stop: water storage tank level controls start and stop with alarms.

C. Clean water: all parts, water pumps, pipes, valves, water tank and manganese sand iron removal tank, are of stainless steel material and are corrosion and pollution proof.

D. Stable operation: variable speed and PID control ensure a constant pressure, steady and low noise operation.

E. Small floor space: its compactness and small floor space allow easy installation and maintenance.


A. Voltage: 380VAC ± 10%  50HZ

B. Temperature: 10–40℃

C. Operation mode: multi-pump parallel with one or more pumps variable speed control.

D. Efficiency: more than 95%η (ηis pump rated efficiency)

E. Motor power: single pump, 0.18-280KW


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